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Privacy Policy for FacebookTM Users

In order to operate the KnowDiss service we need to store some of your details. We will only store the minimum amount of data that we need.

What We Store

  • Your Facebook id - a number that identifies you on Facebook.
  • Your name, so that we can use it in emails to your monitors.
  • Your gender, for grammar purposes.
  • A special code called an access token which allows KnowDiss to access messages in your feed.
  • Recent messages and comments in your feed, that our system has not yet analysed.
  • A list of email addresses, supplied by you, that may receive alerts relating to your account.

You may remove email addresses through the KnowDiss App page on Facebook.

If you remove the KnowDiss App from your Facebook account we will remove all of this data apart from your id and any remaining email addresses.

What We Analyse

The KnowDiss system will read messages on your news feed and inbox, and comments on your photos. Posts and comments addressed to you are scanned and may trigger an alert message to the email addresses that you have specified as monitors. Messages or comments that you make will never trigger these alerts, but may be included in alert messages.

We will retain the messages and comments for up to 21 days. We may also anonymise messages that we have processed and keep them for a longer period for use in improving our detection algorithms.

We will not sell or otherwise pass any of this information to a third party unless required to by law. Previous Page

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