Protecting Children Online

Why Use KnowDiss?

Automated Solution

KnowDiss is an internet service which identifies threatening or abusive messages on FacebookTM. It will monitor a child's wall, their inbox messages, and comments posted about their videos and photos.

If a malicious message is detected, an email alert is sent to the designated recipient. All with minimal invasion of privacy, and minimal time and effort.

Only £1 per Month
No Software to Install

KnowDiss runs on our servers around the clock. It works no matter where or how Facebook is accessed. PC, Mac, Mobile Phone, iPod; we cover it all, because we communicate with Facebook directly.


KnowDiss uses intelligent language analysis to identify threatening words in context. The service aims to capture 75% to 90% of abusive messages.

Prevention is the best cure. By providing a means to identify cyberbullies, KnowDiss aims to deter them.

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